Bismillahirahmannirahim Saya nor arbaayah abdul rahman Sempena hari jumaat Yg penuh barakah Saya menunduk Yg dalam Saya ingin sekali berkongsi dengan sahabat2 Saya mengenai kesan2 Yg sgt baik setelah Saya attend MBP D JB 2015 dan Alhamdulillah istiqamah melakukan 5tools

💕Alhamdulillah istiqamah melakukan 5tools solat Saya lebih kusyuk Menjaga amalan2 spt Tahajud Dhuha Zikir Tilawah al quran

💕sy sentiasa upgrade ilmu MBP Dan sentiasa reach out auk jika auk d Malaysia 😁 Saya trust auk sebagai coach Saya Semua advice auk Saya follow krn advice itu sgt baik buat Saya

💕Waaaaa Yg ni mmg best luar biasa Saya lebih tenang berinteraksi dengan org sekeliling saya Saya sebelum ini agresif cepat marah tinggi suara Alhamdulillah istiqamah melakukan nafas damai energy lebih flow terjaga lebih dan tidak mudah letih

Saya minum air putih Berusaha puasa ayam daging hanya pada hari sabtu ahad Sudah mula makan sayur hijau😝 Memilih makanan Yg sihat atas rasa badan punya hak utk sihat Sudah mula melakukan aktiviti fizikal morning walk Bangun tidur awal

Alhamdulillah dapat membeli rumah semi D d kelantan bernilai rm260,000 full loan hanya bayar deposit rm1000 sahaja rumah dah siap loan Lulus trus dapat kunci 😭Allahuakbar benar2 luar biasa miracles

Sentiasa sedar bahawa rumah kena sentiasa kemas all the time Bilik tidur kemas dan wangi tiap hari Memasak utk ahli keluarga tiap hari Memastikan ahli keluarga mendapat nutrisi lengkap Sentiasa bekalkan air putih utk anak ke sekolah

Alhamdulillah Syukur ya Allah luar biasa Saya berjaya recruit 3 ejen quality ejen Total group production 2016 Rm500,000tpc Increment every year Bonus every year Persistency 90% every year Achieved Star Club London 2015

Saya bergabung dengan NGO IKRAM terlibat dengan aktiviti masyarakat dan hal2 wanita kerjaya rumahtangga dan anak2

Nor Arbaayah Abdul Rahman

I feel very tired when i comeback from the energy EFT foundation training..because my long journey ..take the 2 hours flight from jakarta- malaysia (klia airport)  n then another 4 hours from klia to my home..i reach my home at 5 o'clock in the morning after that i feel guilty because i sleep one hour before pray..and i pray little bit late than normally At the moment i get bath room..i tapp my past aspect about the guilty feeling..i visualize i tapp past aspect and coach past aspect to accept the condition..i tell past aspect..its normal to feel tired and  rest a while and i tell past aspect to forgive past aspect because past aspect also have many things to improve.. I  also tapp future aspect..i visualize future aspect very energetic n optimistic..i congrats future aspect and i tell future aspect to be Always happy..future aspect feel get the trust and supporting Amazingly..after that my tiring dissapear n i feel energetic..happy n my day very cool n everything goes smoothly..my children and husband also good I'm successfully reach my office for kick-off meeting at 8 am..with ENERGY +10, I FEEL VERY LUCK TO LEARN THIS COURSE I REALLY APRECIATE MY LOVELY LIFE MENTOR, AUK MURAT With love,

Marzita Abd Razak

I am so grateful that Auk been so persistent to invite me to join MBP. I am so bless and thankful to join MBP. It's really help me to open up my mindo and start to know how to use love feelings, using EFT to delete our files been keeping inside us for youch a long time. After this session, it make me realised that there are so much fear in me and also make me realised that i do not know how to love my self. I must love myself first then onli i can start loving my love one. Durig the visualisation session that round in MBP, i really fet i'm achieve my goal. It so real and i feel i'm there once again. Thank you Auk by choosing me the lights'through MBP. I love you.

Fong Yok Mei

I am grateful to god that given me courage to walk out from my "child" and met Auk @ the night time so that i can able to attend ths MBP before the end of 2016, so that i can prepare myself towards 2017. I strongly belrine that everyone need a mentor in energy stage of this age and am happy to meet Auk, learning the right headline technique from her.

Chermaine Tan

I have the blessing to know the superb simple 5 tools taught & preach by my beloved mentor - Auk in 2013. Since then, I go deeper & further to learn, re-learn & keeping close in touch with Auk, my mentor. The breakthrough came when I took up the personal coaching with my beloved mentor. ND & EFT are the best gift I ever received . Through Auk personal coaching & guidances, life became brighter, calmer & I see things clearer. My emotional baggage has been reduced. Bye the way, who doesn't has emotional baggage if you don't live I denial ? My relationship with my girl improves greatly! I know my ultimate purpose is for God. With the continuous application of the 5 tools, I know I  am my life is constantly moving toward my desire life! I take this opportunity to thank you my beloved mentor, Auk for your love & patient for me. I encourage anyone that wanting to change to learn up these 5 tools, it will benefits you for a lifetime and my testimonials is only one among the many. I am grateful, with lots of love ... Insurance  business is generally known as a rejection business and I  must confess that I have fear deep down me. My fear lead to anxiety, procrastination, self doubt & demotivation. By tapping fear constantly, I have the courage & motivation to push my business further. I know the fear is blocking me to realise my potential, I am better than I think I am. Miracle did happen with tapping of fear,for example I have appointment granted to me unexpectedly & the door of opportunities just open. Tapping smoothen the process definitely. I would like to quote this example, my business is like running a marathon, I need endurance & faith. EFT help me to run the journey with lighter & happier steps. I have achieved Taiwan Qualifier 2016.


Bismillahirahmanirahim... Alhamdulillah sejak berlaja n praktis ilmu mbp 5 tools sy byk fokus kpd diri sendiri utk mnjd hamba ALLAH yg lbh baik disisiNYA...sy byk bersyukur dgn khdpn yg sy jalani skrg dan nikmati dgn sebaiknya.dan sy yakin semuanya yg terbaik drpd ALLAH swt utk sy keatas semua yg sdh sy jalani... Sy byk perbetulkn amal ibadah sy.... sy jg lbh byk merenung ke dlm diri sy sndr dgn byk bermuhasabah ttg kelemahan dan kekurangan diri saya utk sy perbaiki ke arah lbh baik drpd ms ke sms..sy ubah attitude sy yg xbaik dr sms ke sms wp masih byk yg perlu diperbaiki... Ilmu mbp jg membuatkan sy mnjd lbh fokus kpd balance life dlm 8 aspek kehidupan sy hr ni..... Aspek Spiritual,emotional,intelektual,physical,financial,career,family n community.. sy jg sedar ttg tanggjwb sy di dunia ini yg selama ini sy tdk jalan kn dgn baik..tgjwb sbg anak yg baik,ibu yg baik,isteri yg baik,menantu yg baik,kakak yg baik,saudara yg baik,ejen yg baik,introducer yg baik & byk lg tggjwb2 sy yg harus sy perbaiki dr sms ke sms spy mnjd lbh baik kerana itu sdh mnjd janji sy dgn ALLAH d dunia ini.... Alhamdulillah sejak apply ilmu mbp sy mnjd org yg lbh sabar dan tenang dlm menghadapi cabaran khdpn...dan mampu melepaskan prsn negatif terhdp sesuatu perkara...dan terus bersangka baik dgn khdpn sy..... Alhamdulillah hbgn sy jg smkn baik dgn suami,keluarga dan masyarakat sekeliling nya.... Alhamdulillah rezeki jg sentiasa ada utk sy dan keluarga..syukurrr sgt..... Sy jg skrg sering fokus kpd pengambilan makanan yg lbh baik utk kesihatan sy...lbh suke mnum air putih dan sgt kurang mnum kafein berbandg dulu yg setiap hr mest mnum kafein.kalo x jd xkeruan..hehe.... Dan hari ini dgn mengamalkn ilmu mbp tools sy terus bersemangat utk jalani khdpn sy yg mendtg walau ape pun cabaran yg mendtg kerana saya yakin khpn yg bakal sy lalui pasti terbaik,indah, bergelimpahan dberkati dan diredhai ALLAH utk sy dunia akhirat....amin... Terima kasih ya ALLAH ats segala nikmatMU.. Terima kasih pn auk utk segala usaha dan kasih syg mu... Terima kasih shbt2 yg byk  memberi support dan ksh syg.... Terima kasih utk segala2nye....

Nashihah Hj Abdullah Sani

Salam n morning Dear Auk my Life Coach. Id like to say thank u to u for being there for me and for guiding me throughout the year . Theres so many things happened in 2016, its a rollercoaster ride for me, and im so grateful that i had someone to refer to during my good and bad days. At times i felt like giving up , u held me up and keep guiding me and keep pouring me with love and guidance. Tapping and mbp tools help me a lot in making decisions and being able to stay focus and calm to achieve my goals and stay loyal to my goals. It trains me to be kind to my heart and understand whats happening to me in each and every feelings that i feel. Im grateful that i grow in my 8status quo and managed to go thru challenges and still smile. Thank u Auk. Thank u Mbp tools.  Alhamdulillah i achieved top 10 Takaful this year, as Num 8 in takaful and First time submitting case of Rm462,000 tpc of sales total for 2016. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. This is my highest achievement in my career. Alhamdulillah my relationship getting better and all is good Thank you

Diyana Tajul

Dear Auk, in the season greetings, I would like to express my gratitude to you for having a chance to attend ur MBP class.  I'm feeling good and I feel lighter and smoother now. Although my dream to be a star club qualifier did not achieve this year, but I'm happy to tell u that I'm the top 3 producer for the month of Nov in Sabah region and I achieve my IPad Pro target in 2 mths time! I'm looking forward to a great and abundance 2017..Merry Xmas to you and your family with my sincere and lovely regards.

Winnie Chong

Im so blessed to know a coach to give great guidance on how to connect better with the Creator. This was the most recent program that I have my beloved one to attend and my good team mate to attend. And im so grateful that they connect better with the creator and they feel the value in applying those skills in their daily life. We will update more future classes and to those looking of ways to release negative energy, to fly in life, to go through hard times in life and still be able to say thank you to what has planned for you, we are more than happy to share this ilm to all of u . I honestly feel this MBP program has helped me a lot in life in achieving 8 aspects in life

Diyana Tajul

I was learned EFT Energy Foundation for this two days and it was so amazing. Auk Murat is a amazing teacher who teaches us very clears, details, touched our hearts, inspired us with lots of good things and happiness,new hopes. EFT Foundation is the lesson which is I really needed in my life and my family. Its really gave us a preacious experiences.

Dyah Retno Antarini

Terima kasih yang amat sangat kepada mbak auk murat yang sangat luar biasa dalam memeberikan & mentransfer ilmu di pelatihan ini. She is very amazing, ull of integrity, membumi & realistik. pemuh dedikasi dengan keyakinannya.


I feel amazing for this class, it's beyond my imagination before  attending this class. it;s wow very - very amazing grace. i could have a deep understanding and tought about "the energy", i become better me, feel so blessed, i feel so free me.

Ken Haswo Kusumowardhono

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