ABC is a Process, a Process of creating Awareness Before Change. ABC was born in 1993 in Malaysia and since then has travelled into 8 Countries, namely, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Taiwan and China. Over the past 22 Years (1993 – 2015), ABC has touched the hearts of more than 56,200 Company ‘s Staff and Agent’s life and created many Quality Leaders.

Through ABC Process, it helps you to Discover more about YOU. It allows you to See the potential you have within you, Hear the Great ideas you knew, and Feel the Abundance you always have, to create Life Changing ahead.

The ABC Process will help you understand that you are a Choice Maker and has the ability to move from your current level of Contracted Awareness to Expanded and Pure Awareness, which is the essence of “Individual Greatness”

With Individual’s Greatness Combined with Good SALT Spirit Leadership, the Company’s, the Agency’s behavior and Culture will be transformed – moving to Higher Success, Healthier Business Environment and Solid Team Spirit.

“ABC is Practical - Applicable - TTested and Proven in 8 CountriesS”

For Things to Change, I Must Change First

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Mobile: +628158005353 and +6019 669 1939