What is ENERGY Nafas Damai (ND) ?

Energy ND found by Auk Murat after 13 years of suffering moments emotionally which finally affected her physically. In order to heal, she explored Energy ND through her feelings. She tested, Discovered Energy ND and she got the results...

Only then, she began her journey to learn by going into meditation course and consulted with Breathing Experts to confirm her Discovery.

ENERGY Nafas DamaiI (ND) or Mindful Breathing

  • Breathing is that simple. We are Breathing all the time.
  • Breathing is Life. No Breathing no Life.
  • Human must train and Be Aware of their quality of Breathing.
  • Quality of Breathing can only be Achieved if you enhanced it through Conscious Breathing and Mindful Breathing.
  • The Breath carries the Life Force, so The Breath is our Moment by Moment connection with the source of Life and Healing Energies.

Benefits of ENERGY Nafas Damai (ND) or Mindful Breathing

  • 1. Energy ND carries the life force into our body.
  • 2. Energy ND is to unite the world within and without of us, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • 3. Attune yourself to the natural world.
  • 4. Absorb Positive Energies.
  • 5. Clear the system of Negative Energies.
  • 6. Increase your Energy levels.
  • 7. Access intuitive guidance.
  • 8. Express true self via the breath.
  • 9. Ensure protection from negative Energies.
  • 10. Relieve Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety.
  • 11. Bring Emotional and Mental Calm.
  • 12. Ensure Good Digestion and sound sleep.
  • 13. Enhance Your ability to Self Heal.
  • 14. Communicate effectively.
  • 15. Energy ND will help you:
  • - To Connect with Self Awareness for Change.

    - To be in Present Moment.

    - To get you in touch with your Feelings and Emotions to Change Behaviors in order to Change your Life.

Let's join us and make your life better