Objective of Program

2.1. This Program introduces Participants to the concept that every Leader has a Dream, expressed in terms of Vision (V) Mission (M) Values (V) and Goals (G).

2.2. To achieve VMVG, people within the Organisation must change their “Behaviors”, that is, the “Best Way” or “Preferred Way” of doing things to achieve VMVG. This “Best Way” can be described as the “Organisation’s Preferred Culture” or OPC.

2.3. At the end of the Program, the Participants will recognize that people must have the “Right Actions” and “Right Behaviors” for execution with Love, Passion and Emotions to achieve VMVG.

2.4. To move towards “Right Actions” and “Right Behaviors” or Organisation’s Preferred Culture (OPC), people must change by first discussing, understanding and accepting that we must

“Go Back to Basics” (GBTB)

to recognize what and how we are going to change.

2.5. Through discussions, participants will be able to agree on the:

“Foundation of Go Back To Basics Mental Model for Change”

that will be required to effect change in any Organisation, so people can change towards OPC to achieve V M V G.

Program Outline

  • All Leaders have a dream, expressed in terms of Vision, Mission, Values and Goals – VMVG.
  • Capture and analyze Participants thoughts and feelings on “Must Do” and “Must Change” ideas to achieve VMVG.
  • Based on analysis of Participants ideas, we classify these ideas into a “pattern of ideas”.
  • Understand the Power of Love – Passion – Emotions towards CHANGE.
  • Recognize the importance of Change towards OPC or Organisations Preferred Cliture and why OPC is necessary.
  • Understand the Power of Self Awareness for Change.
  • Based on Participants pattern of ideas, we relate application of these ideas to GBTB approach.
  • Based on GBTB approach, we create “Mental Models for Change”.
  • Participants are encouraged to debate, to agree or disagree to get final agreement on: which are relevant and applicable to the Organisation.

Who is this For

  • CEOs
  • Top Management Teams
  • Heads of Divisions
  • Heads of Departments
  • Cell Leaders
  • Agency Leaders
  • Distribution Channel Leaders


Classroom style lectures, group discussions and experiences sharing. To debate, to agree or disagree on GBTB Mental Models for Change.


One Day, for 08.00 to 17.15 hours. Participants register at 08.00 hrs. Class starts at 08.30 hrs.

Contact person is Col izzi
Mobile: +628158005353 and +6019 669 1939
e-mail: auk.murat@gmail.com