Bringing Human Spirit into Magical Love and Grateful Life

  • Inventor Energy Nafas Damai, 2001
  • Energy Awareness Coach
  • Master Energy EFT - The Guild of Energist, UK
  • Modern Stress Management Facilitator - The Guild of Energist, UK
  • Emo Trance, Energy in Motion Master Practitioner - The Guild of Energist, UK
  • ABC - SA Facilitator
  • Founder AMN Home of Awareness
  • Founder Rumah Cahaya Home Schooling
The University of Life

Auk Murat spent 25 years to learn about Herself from time to time during her own story. She faced challenges with endurance, aware to make every step counted with passion of LOVE. She is strong believer that success story of life is not always come from University. She choosed to give the opportunity to study in univevrsity for her brother and she created her own path in the biggest University called THE UNIVERSITY OF LIFE.

She wrote a book of LIFE with LIGHTS. Having good faith, stay loyal to her dreams, pray for those dreams and help others to achieve their dreams are keys to fly.

She Found Her Calling

She walked in many different ups and down in life. What ignites her heart was LOVE. It was not simple in beginning but she felt LOVE was most unifying and EMPOWERING common spiritual denominator. LOVE's essence brings greater balance and it's heals. She gives thanks to Allah SWT who guided her endlessly and all journey, universe, parents, her husband izzi, Nicola &Tatiana, and her innerwork.

Woman's Heart

She is a women. She works most with her heart. She had hardships but she is safe. She started to share about SELF AWARENESS and Energy since 2005. She is helping Women, Men, Teenagers from Students Junior High School to Senior High School until Teachers, continued to share for Women and Teenagers in Indonesia and Malaysia to expand their awareness and keep their heart free as it is making LOVE work and creating LOVE. Auk Murat is so passionate to build WOMEN’S HEART. If we build WOMEN’S HEART, we build One Generation and we build Good Heart Nation.

An Energist

Auk Murat is an ENERGIST. Inventor Energy Nafas Damai (Mindfullness Breathing), Energy Awareness Coach, modern energy methods including Classic EFT Level 1&2, and as GoE qualified and certified trainer Energy EFT Foundation, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Foundation Facilitator, EMO Master Practitioner, ABC - SA Facilitator.

The Beautiful Me

She specialized to coach Woman, one on one. Help Woman to know why they become what they are now, how to handle and unlock their full potential. THE BEAUTIFUL ME.

Let's join us and make your life better