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Lt. Col. (Retd) Izaidin a former student of the Malaysian Royal Military College was commissioned as an officer into the Malaysian Armed Forces after graduating from the Australian Officer Cadet School (OCS) Portsea Australia in 1959. He also graduated from the US Army Intelligence School, Fort Holabird Baltimore USA, United States Command and General Staff College (USCGSC) Fort Leavenworth, USA and the College of Combat MHOW, India. He retired from the Armed Forces in 1975 after sixteen years of service to King and Country. He served under operational conditions in the Malaysia / Thailand Border, in Kalimantan (Borneo) Indonesian Border, Singapore and under United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Belgian, Congo, Africa.

Upon leaving the military, Lt. Col. (Retd) Izaidin embarked on an equally wide-ranging and challenging commercial career path that eventually led him to the insurance industry where he served from 1985 to 28 February 2005.

Work Experiences

Col. Izaidin was the Managing Director of a Harper’s subsidiary Jurusan Hargill Sdn. Bhd. From 1985 to 1990, he was with AIA Malaysia as Vice President of Professional Services Division and later worked in Agency Force Management. He joined Berjaya Prudential in March, 1990 and was in charge of Prudential C-SALT in Malaysia until 28 February 2005. He is now an independent Consultant in SALT (Self-Awareness, Leadership and Teamworking).

Corporate Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

Col. Izaidin has conducted Bob Proctor’s Born Rich Seminar (BRS) from 1990 to 2004. He has conducted The Awareness Before Change Programs (ABC) for Prudential Asia since 1993 and the Strategic Thinking Workshop (STW) from 1995 to 2004. He is also a certified Supervisory GRID Corporate Instructor by GRID Organisational Development of Malaysia in 1987.

The Awareness Before Change (ABC) Program spanned across countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.As per December 2013, Over 55,000 international participants have attended the ABC Program over a period of 26 years. His unique and extensive teaching experiences and interaction have impacted the lives of thousands of participants. Many said that the ABC workshop has changed their lives forever!

New Go Back To Basics (GBTB) Programs

The new GBTB Programs that are being conducted by Col Izaidin are:
GSSL-Good SALT Spirit Leader –for Company Leaders and Agency Leaders.
HYMW-How Your Mind Works- For all People in the Company and Agency Force.


His passion is to encourage Companies to create Common Vision, Common Mission, Common Values and Common Language thereby impacting the Soul and Spirit of Companies to perform and achieve Lasting Results.

New Go Back To Basics (GBTB) Program

1. Good Salt Spirit Leader

2. How Your Mind Works

3. Awareness Trust Building Behaviours

4. Project Change Go Green.

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