Step 1 – Vision

Creating a picture of a preferred (desired) future of our Company or Agency.

Step 2 – Contradictions

Identifying the underlying obstacles, blocks or barrier to realising the Vision.

Step 3 – New Directions

Developing strategies and tactics to achieve Vision.

Step 4 – Action Effective Implementation (Execution)

Translating strategies and tactics into actionable Effective Implementation Plan .


At the end of the Workshop, Participants will be able to appreciate and understand:

1.The need to create a Powerful and Enduring Vision and to adopt the 5S Mental Model as the basis for the 5 years Strategic Thinking Workshop.

1.1. Building The Soul. Creating and developing a plan of action to internalise Common Vision, Common Values and Common Language for the Organisation.

1.2. Building The Spirit. Creating and developing Self-Awareness, Leadership, Teamworking (SALT) process to inspire it’s People to operationalise the Common Vision, Common Values and Common Language to achieve desired Results.

1.3. Creating New Directions. Creating Strategies that are necessary to achieve the Vision.

1.4. Developing Systems. Developing Systems, The How To Do It, in Key Tasks or Areas of Excellence to implement Strategies and achieve Plan of Actions.

1.5. Achieving 3P Sales Goals. Understanding the need to Plan and Execute Systems to achieve Productive, Persistent and Profitable Sales Target constantly.

2. Contradictions and Solutions. The need to clarify Key Tasks or Areas of Excellence and identifying Contradictions in these areas which are Barriers and Challenges to the achievement of Vision. Subsequently, to develop Solutions to the Contradictions.

3. Years Strategic Business Plan. Developing an overall 5 years Strategic Plan and develop a 1 year Plan of Actions.

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